Getting Rid of Pet Stain from Your Carpet

We all love our pets. We consider them part of our family. However, it can be a bit frustrating when you see a yellow stain on your carpet from their urine. Oftentimes, it is extremely difficult to get rid of urine stains left by pets. Aside from leaving an unappealing stain, it will also leave the room smelly for several days.  


Luckily, you can get rid of your pet’s urine stains from the carpet if you know some of the tried-and-true methods. Today, we’re going to share with you some tips on how to remove pet stains from the carpet. If you want to know more, please visit 

Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner 

If you want the easiest and fastest way to get rid of pet stain from carpet, you should hire a professional carpet cleaning company. They will have all the required tools and products to address the stain. Aside from that, they have the skills to remove the stain without damaging your carpet. All you’ve got to do is to find a reliable carpet cleaner and hire them.  

Wet Vacuums 

Oftentimes, professionals recommend wet vacuums for getting rid of pet stains. It’s quite easy to use wet vacuums. They are made specifically to deal with stains. Typically, it’s a wise investment to buy one. This is particularly true if your pets frequently make stains on your carpet. However, a high-quality wet vacuum can cost around $250. 

Pet Stain Removal Products 

Perhaps you have noticed a range of pet stain removal products in the pet aisle of your local grocery shop. Some people say homemade solutions are better. On the other hand, others swear by these products.  

Make sure you do a lot of research into the product if you are planning to buy a pet stain removal product. The product you buy must not damage your carpet or cause discoloration. 

Getting Rid of Fresh Stains 

When your pet’s urine is fresh, it will be easy to remove. Thus, you should always keep track of any potential accidents left by your dog or cat. Use a lot of paper towels to blot the urine stain if you spot a new one. You may need a couple of paper towels. It depends on how much urine your pet left. To properly soak up all the urine, you can stand on the stack of paper towels for several minutes. If necessary, you can repeat the process. 

You will want to take more extreme measures if the stains are already set in. A couple of professionals suggest using a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. However, some say it is not a wise move.  

Avoid Steam Cleaners 

If you want to get rid of urine stains, you might think that steam clears are a great choice. However, they sometimes do more harm than good. Urine stains will set into the carpet more due to the high heat used by steam cleaners. Aside from that, the heat will also make the stain smellier 

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