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USA Fireworks Inc. has been doing business since 1999. The company is based out of Indianapolis, IN. USA Fireworks is one of the largest retail distributors of fireworks in the United States. We are the exclusive Black Cat dealer in Indiana, and carry only the highest quality products available.

USA Fireworks operates over 140 retail locations throughout Indiana and Kentucky.

USA Fireworks is owned and operated by Tim Lee and Todd Denning. They started USA Fireworks in 1999 as a way to help pay for their MBA programs.  They both quickly learned what issues faced the industry and took advantage of those issues to build and expand their business.  USA Fireworks is now the most recognized retailer of Fireworks in Indiana and Kentucky.  They focus on customer satisfaction and business relationships. This, along with their expertise in business, is the reason this internship is a perfect fit for any business, marketing, or entrepreneur major.

Why Intern with USA Fireworks

USA Fireworks offers a paid 6 week internship that is fast paced and covers every aspect of operating a small business. They will have the opportunity to learn not only the sales side of retail sales but also the management, accounting, advertising, human resources and logistics sides of the business as well.  This experience can give them a real world gauge of their grasp of the business techniques and principles taught to them in class.

Intern at a Glance

Student will be evaluated at the end of week 3 and week 6 of the internship.  Some main points of this internship you will be expected to learn and will be evaluated on include:

  • Retail store set up, overall design, teardown and final inventory of the store.
  • Customer Service & Sales - you will learn to interact with customers and develop sales techniques that will assist you in maximizing store sales and profits.
  • Conducting social media programs for the retail store.
  1. Recruiting, interviewing, hiring and training all Assistant Store Managers/Sales Associates.
  2. Manage the entire staff making sure they are accountable for the essential duties and responsibilities of their positions.
  3. Ensure that all administrative paperwork is completed according to company policy.
  4. Lead the process in merchandising, stocking, price changes and reducing damages and defectives and shrinkage.
  5. Implement and manage loss prevention techniques.
  6. Open and close the store and protect all Company assets including: key control of the store, the Manager’s office and back bank.
  7. Manage daily cash control which includes verifying bank deposits for accuracy.

Business, Marketing, & Entrepreneur Internship

The goal of this internship is to expose the student to starting and running a business as a whole. The student intern may have a major in any area of business. Because of this, instead of focusing on the major, USA Fireworks is more interested in how the internship will impact the retail businesses.  USA Fireworks attempts to have the student engage in every aspect of managing and running the day to day operations of a retail business.  This experience should add value to the student’s College of Business career.


Week 1

·    Organization overview conducted by the president

  • How did they start this organization? What does the business plan look like? How is funding acquired?
  • Go through a retail store manager training class
  • Set up of the retail store, conduct initial inventory
  • Schedule and conduct local and state inspections so retail store can open.
  • Open retail store to the public


Week 2:

·    Become familiar with product, services. This is what we might call “touch the product.”

  • Maintain open hours of the retail store
  • Create and develop social media marketing programs
  • Develop a strong understanding of company’s products and services
  • Develop and design a marketing flyer that is specific to the retail store

Week 3-4:

  • Train on customer service & sales techniques
  • Recruit, interview, and hire staff needed for the season
  • Submit all new higher paperwork to accounting department for processing
  • Develop an employee work schedule within budgeted hours permitted
  • Manage daily cash control including verify bank deposits for accuracy
  • Implement and manage loss prevention technique


Week 5:

  • Manage day to day operations
  • Manage the process in merchandising, stocking, price changes and reducing damages and defectives and shrinkage.
  • Maintain proper staff to insure effective sales coverage
  • Manage inventory levels to prepare for the July 4th rush.
  • Assist with quality control procedure

Week 6:

  • Work with general ledger accounts
  • Perform reconcilement of banking activities
  • Manage the store closing process
  • Profit analysis, handle accounts payable, work with payroll
  • Organize files to make sure they are in order for the audit
  • Define improvement initiatives
  • Conduct data gathering and analysis of processes
  • Assist in implementing improvements and control plans
  • Assist with quality control procedure
  • Analyze the operation of the work site organization and find areas for improvement
  • Conduct a final inventory and coordinate product return
Exit interview with president of the company